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Digital Health & Interoperability

UCOP IT Blog, Jan 2019

Empowering UC Health Patients with Apple Health Records


Medscape, Dec 2015

Have We Been Good or Bad? A Health Tech Holiday Wish List (with Dr. Carolyn Jasik)


Medscape, May 2015

What's the Health IT Buzzword of 2015?


Health Affairs Blog, Feb 2020

ONC Should Not Delay the Release of Its Rule


Medscape, Jan 2016

The Case for a Patient-Centered EHR: My Dad


Medscape, Oct 2015

Eight Tips for Patient-Centered EHR Use

cost-of-technology-jama-jun-2012.png, Feb 2019

By 2025, a Lot More People Will Be Tracking Their Blood Sugar, Predicts Doctor - Here's Why

file.jpg.png, Sep 2018

A Clinician's Guide to the Latest Diabetes Devices

gizmodo-artificial-pancreas-jun-2012.jpg, Apr 2016

Diabetes Patients Design Their Own "Artificial Pancreas"

Dana Lewis Open APS 9x16 version

Tidepool Blog, Mar 2019

A Moment Six Years in the Making

Tidepool-Daily-Auto-Mode-2-2.png, Jun 2017

Diabetes Technology: Fear Not

mini-med.jpg, Sep 2015

Can 3D Sculpture Help Patients "Grasp" Diabetes Data?

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Dr. Aaron Neinstein is Associate Professor in the UCSF Division of Endocrinology and Director of Clinical Informatics at the UCSF Center for Digital Health Innovation, with a clinical practice focused on diabetes care. He is considered an expert in diabetes technology, including the use of insulin pumps and continuous glucose monitors, as a nationally-invited speaker and invited author to outlets like CNBC and Medscape, peer-reviewed author, and advisor to numerous companies.

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