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Updated: Jan 26, 2021

In honor of the AMIA Clinical Informatics Conference last week, I worked with my colleague, Dr. Anobel Odisho, to develop something we’re calling the #MyInformaticsProfile. I’m frequently asked, 1) “what does an informaticist do?” and also 2) “How is that different from Other Informaticist X?” So, here is our attempt to help people answer that question. We’re hoping that this, or a future adaptation, helps future-informaticists-to-be see visually the breadth of different career options and focus areas within this field, and helps us explain to colleagues and others where each of our particular focus area lies. Though inspired by video game player ratings, our goal wasn’t to create a “score” based on level of expertise or skill. We wanted to help people assign relative weights to show proportionally where their time and energy is spent within a very broad field. Feedback and suggestions are welcome!

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